Prices & Conditions

- Base Prices

Portrait - 10€
Half Body - 20€
Full Body - 30€
Additional Character +80%

Quick Color
- Base Prices

Portrait - 25€
Half Body - 50€
Full Body - 60€
Additional Character +80%

Full Shaded- Base Prices

Portrait - 45€
Half Body - 70€
Full Body - 90€
Additional Character +100%

Terms & Conditions

Will Do: OCs | D&D | Custom Design | Mild NSFW & Gore
Won't Do: Real People | Weapons | Mecha | Animals | Detailed Backgrounds

Orders via E-mail or Instagram/Twitter DM
Payment upfront via PayPal in EUR
No refunds once I started working
All prices are base prices, final pricing for your individual request might vary depening on complexity/difficulty
Visual reference required, working from descriptions/custom designing costs extra, prices to be discussed individually
Minor changes during sketching/lining/coloring are free
Major changes cost extra
Commissions are for personal use only, reposting with credit is allowed, this also means the creation of NFTs using my artwork is absolutely and always forbidden
Let me know if you don't want the finished product posted on my social media sites
No strict deadlines, finishing your order may take me between two and four months depending on various factors, please be patient
I can decline any commission without giving a specific reason
I retain the rights to the artwork itself
Feel free to contact me about styles/requests that are not listed here, or any questions you may have!

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